About Us

About Us

We Have 65+ Years Of Experience in Marine Industries

As you are well aware, India is a big market for scrapping of old vessels, or should we say it is the biggest at the moment considering the number of vessels that are scrapped here every year. Most of the vessels are being scrapped for economic reasons. When the vessels come in for beaching they still have lot of good machinery on board which can be easily utilized for a long time. Majority of the parts are in good and reusable condition as they have been taken out from running vessels with some of them actually being new since they were stocked on board as spares.

We know, today with all the new regulations coming in and the quality of staff that is manning the vessels, all of you are busy in your day to day matters and may not have had time to think seriously about the benefits that can be availed in the spares market. If you are interested in reducing your costs, on procurement of spares, then do spend two minutes reading this mail and giving your requirements for your next orders.

We learnt to take advantage of the spares that are coming off the vessels being scrapped. Some of the parts that are available are actually still in their original packing with manufacturers seals. Leaving the cost factor aside (which could be less by upto 50%) a great thing about these spares is that they are readily available. As an example imagine the crankshaft of one of the generator engines is beyond use and the enquiries show that getting a replacement could take as much as 4-6 months to get manufactured. What does one do in such cases?

(1) Wait for the 4 months, (2) Hire a deck generator at exorbitant cost or (3) Take the option of looking for a crankshaft from other sources.

It is the third option where we are most helpful as we can procure a crankshaft for you immediately or else if that particular crankshaft is not available then get a replacement engine at a cost which maybe less than the cost of the crankshaft from the manufacturers. We provide the equipment by sourcing same from the ships that come for scrap in India. We specialize in locating these good and usable parts and supplying them all over the world to suppliers/ repairers and shipping companies. We have been shipping spare parts all over the world and since we are holders of the necessary licenses we do not have any problem sending parts to any part of the world quickly and efficiently.

All items that are sent out from here are tested prior to sending out and hence are in good condition to be used on the vessels immediately.

Basically all the ship parts and machinery are available but just to give you an idea of some of the major items:
Main Engines : B&W, Sulzer,MAN, Pielstick,Hanshin and also some Doxford and Stork can be found. Apart from all the used major components like crankshafts,liners,pistons,piston skirts, cylinder heads, valves, bearings even new items like piston rings, nozzles are available.

Auxiliary engines : B&W, Sulzer, Diahatsu, Yanmar, Wartsila, Ruston. Blackstone etc along with full engines or individual components and spares.

Turbochargers : BBC, Napier, MAN, Mitsubishi etc alongwith full units of turbochargers, rotors etc.

Purifiers : Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi.Westfalia etc

Compressors : Hatlapa, Tanabe, Yanmar, Hydrovane, Sperre etc

Air Conditioning and Domestic Fridge Compressors: Sabroe, Daikin etc

Fresh Water Generators: Atlas, Nirex etc

Pumps: Uchida, Heishin, Shinkokinzoku, Naniwa,Taikoku,KSB.Various types and capacities.

Deck Equipment : Hydraulic pumps for cranes, Tank cleaning machines, Deck air compressors, Anchors , Anchor chains, Lifeboats, liferafts etc.

Navigational Equipment: Radars, Gyros, auto Pilots etc.

We also undertake ON BOARD REPAIRING WORK:-

1. Deck crane
2. Air compressor
3. Refrigent compressor
4. Oil purifier
5. Pneumatic equipments
6. Air vent replace
7. Fabrication works
8. Piping work
9. Ballst tank cleaning
10. Fuel oil, Sludge tank cleaning
11. Sump tank cleaning
12. Sludge & Dirty material dispose work with certificate. Etc…

As mentioned we have been supplying spares all over the world to leading shipping companies over a long period of time, and have satisfied clients who come back to us always.

We are very much interested in starting a long and mutually beneficial relationship between our two organizations and are sure that if given a chance you will be fully satisfied with our services.

We look forward to your valued queries in the near future.